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Employee Education

Why Employees Need Money Management Education

It is imperative from both a legal and good business standpoint to educate your employees in money management. This education is necessary so employees can make intelligent choices, where choices are offered, and so that they can blend their employee benefits with their personal financial plan or products.
Professionals from The Independent Group of CompaniesSM can come to your facility and conduct money management workshops. Your employees learn about how the benefits you offer should be integrated into their personal goals. We will also answer their questions about the benefits you are providing for them and their families.

Helping You To Better Manage Your Business

The law doesn`t specify who conducts money management education, only that your employees have an opportunity to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the specifics of their benefits.

This education can be provided by one of your human resource people, but this requires extra training. Besides training your human resource person to administer the benefits, you would also have to train that person to conduct the workshops necessary to educate your employees.

The Independent Group of CompaniesSM has a relationship with one of the leading money management training companies. In addition to the mandated employee benefits training, these trainers can also enhance the workshop with general money management training on any level you want.

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