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Let us design insurance that's appropriate for you

Designing good life, health and accident, disability and long term insurance for your employees can be a full time job. While large companies have risk management departments to perform this function, smaller companies cannot afford this luxury. As a result, small business insurance programs may not be as cost efficient as they could be.

Our insurance professionals can be your risk managers. As an independent company, we are able to "shop", or market, your coverage to many companies. This allows us to integrate your needs and leverage your coverage for the best total coverage for your dollars.

Insurance Products for Business

Group Life

Group life insurance is one of the most economical benefits you can offer. Depending on the age range of your employees, you can offer substantial coverage at a very economical rate. You can then offer employees additional multiples of coverage for the group rate. 

Group Health & Accident

Today, private health care coverage is often very competitive to the quality and cost of non-profit coverage. Our agents are able to market your group health and accident coverage, just as they do your other insurance. This allows us to find the best coverage and lowest rates. 


Many of the companies with which we place life and health insurance also offer disability - both state-mandated short term and optional long term disability. The more coverages we offer a company on behalf of your business, the lower the rate will likely be on all of your coverages.

Long term care

Long term care is a new benefit many companies are offering their employees, especially if your employee base is mature. This coverage protects them from having their life savings wiped out should they require long term nursing care. It is relatively economical insurance that can provide your employees with peace of mind.

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