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International Planning

International Planning ... A World of Opportunities

As we enter the 21st century, it seems ever more certain that international investing and business dealings will become of continually greater importance to US citizens. Driven by technological and geopolitical change, perhaps unforeseen by many just a generation ago, these are exciting yet uncertain economic times.

US citizens are faced with both expanding global capital markets and increased international business competition. Like their foreign counterparts, many affluent families, professionals and owners of closely held companies are learning to augment their estate, business and financial plans through the use of international trusts and business structures as well as international diversification of investment and business opportunities.

Today, international structures are used increasingly for this diversification. These structures can offer:

  • Broader estate planning options
  • Enhanced business and financial planning solutions
  • Access to global financial services and products
  • Increased wealth protection
  • Enhanced privacy

However, international structures may not be appropriate for every estate or business. Therefore, when considering, it is always wise to seek qualified professional legal and financial advice.

Choice of Advisor and Selection of Trustee are Key

To decide whether an international trust is right for you, your situation must be professionally assessed to determine the purpose of the trust, your trustee carefully chosen, the benefits of varying locations evaluated and any risks carefully considered.

Of these decisions, selection of the international trust management company is perhaps paramount. That is why when considering selection of a reputable and reliable international trust management company, it is always wise to seek the counsel of a trusted advisor who understands your business, financial or estate objectives.

The Independent Group of Companies has access to the international services of one of North America`s premier financial institutions. These services are available to our clients and clients of FSC Securities Corporation.